Sowing the seeds of Oneness that we are,

Right relation to ALL things:
If we truly desire to create change on this planet, our own personal evolution needs to become the priority. Letting go of the belief in separateness, we move into right relation to the world and all its facets. We see the unity of it all, we realize we are an intricate part in the Greater Whole.

Can we open ourselves to a new possibility, what if mankind could in fact exist much differently from how it currently exists?

“In times of change, the learners inherit the world while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists”

– Eric Hoffer

#InnerActivism means stepping closer to one another.

To evolve is to continually strive towards our True Nature, and we can lesson the control of fear that grips us so tightly. When that grip loosens, our hearts open more to each other.

If we think we can eradicate hate with more hate we will continue to escalate the current narrative. Doing the inner work means compassion and acceptance for all, #OneLove

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