The industry shifts,

Let’s evolve with it

I remember what it was like to have to reinvent myself in 2008 as the housing market began to shift. I saw the impact on my business, and also received the call to show up bigger. LO Resiliency Coaching is helping others reinvent themselves in a market that calls upon us differently

This intimate coaching space is unlike anything that has ever been done in the mortgage industry, it's intimate and impactful. Accepting applications for the next group container,

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The LO Resiliency Coaching Program focuses on 4 basic areas that produce results

  • Vision: If one doesn’t know where they are going, how do they intend on moving forward? Clarity on what you desire to create.
  • Your state of Being: It does not matter how many agents coffee appointments you go on, but rather WHO is showing up to them? How are you BEING in such a way that has that potential referral partner feel they would miss out on something big if they didn’t do business with you.
  • Aligned Doing: What specific tactics work for you and your unique value? Not all doing is created equal, we all bring something different to the table.
  • Accountability: How to design your life in such a way that keeps you moving the needle forward.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”

– Albert Einstein

What we know about human psychology is that behavior is habitual, and these behaviors are driven by the thoughts we have. When we begin to rewire the thought processes, all facets of our lives change. Sure, business gets better and more sustainable, but how we feel and the inner harmony we experience becomes an additional benefit.

"Justin showed me the path to unlock what I always had deep inside of me: self love, gratefulness and abundant mindset."

Shant J.Real Estate Team Lead

This is not a mass marketed class, this is a group of humans that are hand selected in order to maintain the proper symbiosis. A carefully curated space, where maximum expansion is possible.

If you are ready to leave this old narrative of limitation behind, apply and let’s connect deeper.