As it relates to stepping into your power,

It certainly becomes useful to take into account how we got where we are in the first place. When we are born, we are perfect self expression. We arrive formless and beautiful, we have no construct on how the world is. Have you ever noticed staring into the eyes of a newborn that look of awe as this tiny being takes in its environment? As children grow a bit older, they start to develop mental faculties, they are learning what it is to be human. It’s caretakers who facilitate its’ growth teach it how to be, providing form in which to live by. You may have at some point witnessed a rebellious toddler years, tantrums being a reflection of their souls disapproval to these so called “rules of the world”.

As we get older, we enter somebody school, that is to say, our parents are somebody, and they are really working hard to teach us how to be somebody and slowly the programming is installed. We are developed as separate beings, disconnected from the beloved, we are given a name, a religion, a social identity, all constructs in which begin to identify with. And as a child the mind is fertile. It is like the earth, it does not care what you plant, it will return what you plant but it does not care what you plant. The child blindly accepts these truths, most of them rooted in fear and limitation. All just projections of the parents lens and perception of life, and as you know it was installed in them the same way, and thus the cycle perpetuates itself. Perhaps, the outlook on the world that they adopted from their parents was one in which they viewed the world as a scary hostile place, and that you have to fight to survive, and there is never enough to go around that we must compete for resources. In this path of development and maturity, we start to become one with our ways of being. We just show up how we show up, and we think nothing more about it. We become like a fish, a fish does not know it is in water until one takes it out. We get so accustomed to operating at a certain level of consciousness we just think that this is just the way we are. Perhaps we even see a doctor for our neuroses, and they give us a label, and now we carry around this label and experience things in our life to make this new belief true. We become defined by this.

It doesn’t know it is in water until it is taken out

One day, we wake up, we have an experience that there is something more to this whole game. We begin as the fish, to take ourselves out of the water. We feel the deep soul pull, that we are called to give a greater and higher gift. Perhaps one dwells for years in this place attempting to find words to describe this feeling, this deep soul pull that exists much deeper beneath the surface. What I can say, when one gets this call and acts, life can catapult one to heights that were never before imagined.


The process of stepping in your power, of becoming the creator of your life experience versus the spectator just watching life happen to you is a process of Self realization. Who were you, before you were born to your mother and father? Remembering who you are and what you came here to do requires devotion. It requires practice as the outside world, those friends and family love to remind you who you are. When I say practice, you are cultivating methods of stepping out of the constructs in which you had always defined your life by, yourself by. When one shines the light on this darkness called fear, and limitation and begins to let go of it, that inner light becomes brighter. It’s been called by some, the eternal freefall of Home, when you let go, and surrender and enjoy this dance.


To ponder this another way, let us bring to mind the image of a pipe in an old house, let’s say a sink drain. Over time, deposits are made in this sink drain, and little by little the flow becomes restricted. Let us use this as a metaphor for understanding our own physical vehicle called the body, the space our personality occupies in this lifetime. These fears, these unprocessed traumas, these limiting beliefs begin to deposit into the body. We know the body keeps the score. The body likened to the old pipe in this example becomes restricted. And when I speak of restricted, what is being restricted is the Light, that which has always existed within you. It becomes choked off as we continue to unconsciously deposit these limitations and fears. We begin to close off to the world, and we begin to feel lost and isolated. We feel alien, as in the world outside is not a place that one belongs.


Bringing this back to the cultivation of your powers and your spiritual growth, as one begins to break these limiting beliefs, to process these traumas we start to allow the light to flow through our physicality once more. People, being that we are all sensitive to energy when we tune in, begin to notice you. They sense something different about you, perhaps they lack the words to even describe what they are sensing. They are perceiving a new beingness, a pilgrim on a path, a person on a journey of personal growth. From this elevated state of being, things begin to happen for you. These what we would call with our limited human minds, “coincidences” begin to take place. One develops a subtle sense that the universe is conspiring to help them, and they one day wake up in a world that just in recent history was never thought to be a possible experience they would have in this life time.


We are all unique expressions of the Divine, the One, that animates all of existence. We just forgot. The people who raised us did the best they could with what they knew, and the process of spiritual growth is remembering who and what you are, and what you came here to do. And, as you brighten that internal light, there is no way to quantify the ripple effect that it causes in the world. I believe it to be our duty to bring Heaven down to earth, and it starts with I, it starts with YOU. Perhaps these words are something to ponder in your next meditation.

With Love, Mr. Haines

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