A story of the modern day heroes journey

It is useful to cultivate a better understanding of programming and how we got to where we are in the first place. When we are born into the world, we are perfect self expression. We arrive formless and beautiful, we have no construct or understanding of how the world is. We are given a model in which to make meaning of our existence. Have you ever noticed staring into the eyes of a newborn, the look of awe as this tiny being takes in its environment? As infants grow a bit older, they start to develop more mental faculties, they are learning what it is to be human. It’s caretakers who facilitate its’ growth teach it how to be, providing form in which to live by. Perhaps you may have even witnessed the souls rebellion against the ridiculous rules of human when a young toddler throws a tantrum in disagreement.

The curriculum continues…

As we get older we enter somebody school, that is to say, our parents are somebody and they are really working hard to teach us how to be somebody. We are developed as separate beings, disconnected from the beloved through our slowly developing attachments to ego structure. We are given a name, a religion, a social identity, all through which we begin to identify with. A childs mind is fertile like the earth, it does not care what you plant, it will return what you plant but it matters not what is planted. The child blindly accepts these truths, most of them rooted in fear and limitation. All just projections of the parents lens and perception of life that was passed down generation to generation. In this path of development and maturity, we start to become one with our ways of being. Lost in the program, we just show up how we show up and think nothing more about it. We get so accustomed to operating at a certain level of consciousness we think that this is just the way we are.

A metaphor to contemplate this concept deeper

As it relates to this constriction and the unconscious adopting of limiting beliefs and programing, let us bring to mind the image of a pipe in an old house, let’s say a sink drain. Over the years deposits are made in the piping and little by little the flow of water becomes restricted. Applying this metaphor for the understanding our own experience, these fears, unprocessed traumas, and limiting beliefs begin to deposit into the psyche. And just like the old pipe, the flow within our inner landscape begins to restrict choking off the light, our potential.

“A fish doesn’t know it’s in water until it is taken out”

One day we wake up, we have an experience that there is something more to this whole game. Perhaps we have profound insight and see within, to the Truth. With a newly cultivated awareness that we are the fish in the water of social conditioning, we recognize the need and our ability we to take ourselves out of the water, we choose differently. We feel the deep soul pull, that we are called to give a greater and higher gift, slowly our world expands. We begin to resist the way society says we should be. As we begin to have a more in depth taste of this dharma, It begins to have its way with us.

Life as a game, a devotion to the evolution of our Being.

The process of stepping into your power, of becoming the creator of your life experience is a process of Self realization. Knowingness of the depths that you are, it becomes more increasingly difficult to hang onto the idea that you are just a spectator watching life happen to you. Remembering who you are and what you came here to do requires devotion to loosen the grip of the old programs and density.

Moving from spectator to creator, people begin to notice you. They sense something different about you, a sensing of the shifting of your inner energies. As you begin to walk in sovereignty the universe reflects back to you the progress you are making.  This new sense of beingness, begins to attract more of what you want. Coincidences, and synchronicity begin to unfold before your eyes as a bi-product of how you are showing up and the new belief systems you are installing. You begin to see the world as play, a blank canvas with a palette of unlimited colors in which you paint as beautifully as you desire.

We are all unique expressions of the Divine, the One that animates all of existence. We have just forgotten in our upbringing and the building of the intellect. It matters that more choose this path, because as one brightens that internal light,  a ripple effect causes small shifts in the world. Imagine a new version of humanity where every being is tuned into and living from their hearts, speaking an acting with love. The world needs it, it needs you living in your power.

With Love, Mr. Haines

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