The predicament with humanity is this,

It is not awake to it’s true nature. It is not in tune with it’s core essence, it is caught up and so lost in its humanity that it has forgotten about its inherent divinity. All is of, or nothing is. It is all of God or whatever name you would like to give it. If you understand the material world, this dimension you reside in you will notice that we are receiving data through our five senses. Taste, touch, smell, hearing and sight. And yet, all of these receptors are just mere “input devices” – they are collecting data, and feeding it to a processing unit called the brain. The brain, then assigns the meaning to all of this data. Most of the meaning is gathered by past experience or something we were told, programmed to believe and we accepted as true. When you first received the energy that the color blue emits, you were told it was called “blue” and you didn’t question it, you adopted that as true. We take in the environment, we get quite addicted to the drama, we are really “in it” and this in fact is completely negating the inner world.

As it relates to the Western World, we operate in a mild fight or flight state, we are running from one appointment or obligation to another. Constantly busy busy busy, almost as if we as a culture glorify this busy-ness as a sign of prestige. We rush around to get the kids, to hit the grocery store, sit in rush our traffic, rush to work to pay the rent, getting lost in social media etc and we live in this small state of stress. As Dr. Dispenza, a pioneer in neuro science and epigenetics would say, in survival mode, it is no time to create. To create would be to bring in something different into being. This stressed out state could be measured in the form of “frequency” and in stress mode we operate from a more animalistic primal survival center of the brain and shut down the creative centers that allow us to access our higher mental faculties such as imagination, which is where all of creation begins. You must be in creation mode, if you desire to create a different life.

“Seek first the kingdom of heaven, and all things shall be added unto you” The problems that are experienced in one’s reality were created through the mind, whether conscious or unconscious and you must get beyond the program in order to re-author that story. You must be willing to transcend all that you experience now in order to begin creation of anew. “If he says lo here or lo there, believe him not for the kingdom of heaven is within”. This kingdom of heaven within, as Jesus would say is accessing the depths of your being where all creation begins. As you take this dive within, you can begin to sit in that new life. As you create a practice around this and become crystal clear on what it is that you desire to create, you sit with it, you slowly start bringing it in to being. Seeing the scenes in the screen of your mind as if you were living that life, as if the wish was already fulfilled. One will begin to experience “coincidences” in their outer reality. I would challenge that thinking however, I would call that creation. We are ever out-picturing what we believe and consent to as true. If we believe life is tough, if we believe money is scarce, we will continue to experience evidence in our world to support that belief. This is why change is so hard, change is so difficult when one does not go within. Change is hard, because you are living life through your five senses. You look at your bank account, and your eyes can perceive the numbers on the screen, your brain then tells you there is no money in your account based on the symbols and numbers it interprets. So how can one feel abundant when there is no evidence being fed to them. How would you ever expect to change? It would be incredibly difficult, but not impossible. You could go through your life FORCING things to happen, that could be a way but that is not the only way. As within, so without. Stop trying to fight the existing reality, your external world, for it is only just a mirror reflecting back to you your internal belief systems.

Quantum physics now tells us that everything is just energy. We are made up of atoms and yet 99.999% of the atom is empty space. Only .0001% is physical matter. We are all energy, and we attract what we are. So if we feel abundant, truly abundant, we bring it to us. Money is just an energy, when we become that frequency we experience in our world all of the things that exist on that frequency. If you picture a radio in your mind, when you tune it to channel 7, you will not experience what is on channel 8. It is tuned for channel 7, it is not tuned for channel 8. Therefore, all things that exist on channel 8 will not come into your awareness. This is how our reality actually exists, and it has been known for thousands of years. This concept to the western mind however, seems like a very new idea, almost futuristic however the teachings of the east have been saying it for millennia. It is just that western science has just figured out how to “prove” this existence and how reality works. As we are so addicted to living through the rational thinking mind, we need science to believe, science to explain it logically so we can absorb, and that is exactly what is happening.

You are the artist, you have a blank canvas in front of you. This canvas is called Life, and you have every color on your palette that you could possibly fathom. The question is, how beautiful are you going to paint this picture? What dream are you going to bring into the material world. Dig deep, what is it that truly touches your heart, what magic do you have locked up within. We all have a unique gift, that nobody else can bring into this world, could you be bold enough to take a stand for your own greatness, could your dream matter enough to be open and receptive to a new way of thinking.

When humanity wakes up, each individual being understands, has a deep knowing that it is related to the whole and that is one with all of creation then it can step into a space of love. Beings will no longer subscribe to the constructs that are rooted in fear, as it will know truth and the truth is that it is one of 7.8 billion masks of the divine. One of 7.8 billion unique expressions of the creator, enjoy its existence in a body on this plane. When one realizes it is powerful, and full of love, why would it not choose to create magic and thoroughly express its greatest gifts in this incarnation?

As it relates to the collective. Each one of us is emulating an energy into this collective consciousness which is what we experience in the world. If we are all living in fear, and we are projecting that into the world we will continue to live by all of the constructs that would be prescribed by this belief. War, poverty, hunger, discrimination, separation etc. If we woke up to the inherent abundance that we are this energy would transform the collective and all of these constructs would fall apart. All of the constructs that are fear based, would slowly erode and would be replace with ones that are rooted in Love, this would be heaven on earth. The Golden age.

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