What if in fact humans inherent fear of uncertainty keeps creates difficulty within the culturescape?

As it relates to the current state of the world, we are experiencing a sizable degree of division as a species. Whether we like it or not, we are all playing an integral role of influencing the outcome, that is to say shaping the future landscape of the human experience. An important anecdote would be for each and everyone of us to take on a little more responsibility for the contributions that we are making, we could surely come closer to being unified. I find it useful to point out that a great many things have come out of this worldly event, some really incredible changes, however this is a time in which we should set our differences aside and walk closer to one another. Let us bring to mind humans inherent fear of uncertainty, and something called the need to be right. The clinging to our own personal ideal/context and the inability to adopt or try on another perspective. Our fear of the unknown or uncertainty keeps us clinging to what we think we believe, so closed off we cannot entertain another potential idea in our mind. The closed mindedness  that prevents us from seeing through another lens.

Societies need to be right, and to make another wrong their differing view is only exacerbating this separation. If we bring this into the light of our minds we can create some space to observe how this way of being, how this mode of operation, can be and is a recipe for disaster in these interesting times. If one is uncertain of the outcome, they would tend to react with fear, which is a constricting of energy, a choking off of the Light. Our automatic protection mechanisms sense this fear and build walls around us in which another cannot penetrate, in which one cannot be open to another’s idea.

If we can acknowledge our fear of uncertainty, and step out of the program of being rule by it we will move closer to one another. Closer to our True Nature, Oneness. Less division will exist, we will cultivate a deeper understanding of this existence. Seeing through another’s eyes, perhaps this is what scripture refers to as the great virtue of compassion. Harmony is the bi-product of the state of Being.

 “In times of change, the learners inherit the world, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped for a world that no longer exists.” -Eric Hoffer, Social Philosopher

Let us rise in consciousness, rise above so that we will no longer stunt our evolutionary power as a species. The practice of “being with” another, and a deep understanding that our beliefs/world views have been shaped by all of our individual contexts and life experiences. This is recognition of the fact that we are all uniquely and beautifully ourselves.

To “be with” is to acknowledge the fact that not everybody will agree with our own individual opinions, and it is not our job to attempt to fight one to comply with our way of viewing and perceiving. To say this another way, you cannot fight to be right on why your opinion is correct and theirs is wrong.

What if you took a genuine interest in another that harbors an opposing view, what if you became so curious as to how that other person came to their belief system that you felt a true authentic connection and understanding.

It has entered into my awareness through many of my coaching relationships that a great number of people lack the understanding of how to be with another in this way. Maybe they themselves are on the receiving end of a relationship in which the other is attempting to make them wrong. Being responsible, is being “able to respond” versus react. When we cultivate a sizable degree of emotional intelligence, we create the space that allows us to be unmoved by another’s reactions. You control your own feelings.

Almost 7.6 billion of us, naive it would be to think that we all look out upon the world with the same lens. Ask yourself, what has your foundation so shakable that you need someone else to agree with you and your perception? The converse is also true, that person attempting to make you wrong, what has them need to have you agree with them? When I experience a deep resonating truth it becomes unshakable, I do not need another to agree with me as I have touched this inner truth and no longer question it’s solidity. If you need another to agree with you, why is that? Let us remove the barriers of intimacy, let us move from separation into connection.

Conflict and disagreement has been setup to win, not set up to learn? It has been said that wisdom is being able to entertain another idea without automatically adopting it as your truth.  It was Albert Einstein who said a mind that opens to a new idea will never return to its original size. We are here to expand and grow, to evolve, to make the beast conscious. We are here to bring Heaven down to Earth, lest ye forget.

With Love, Mr. Haines

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